The Beetle Shelf

**ANNOUNCEMENT: Goliathus goliatus are here!**

My Goliathus goliatus larvae just came in, and I am describing their rearing process through video tutorials. Please check out the Goliathus page or the Goliathus playlist on my YouTube channel.

So simple, you can keep them on your shelf!

The scientific name for beetles is Coleoptera (ko-lee-op-ter-uh). All together, the order Coleoptera makes up 40% of the world's known species! They are a diverse crowd, living in many different ecosystems. Thus, beetles can seem difficult to raise without the right knowledge. That's why you've come here though! My name is Spencer, and I'm here to make beetle breeding easy and accessible to you and your family.

Click below to get more info on breeding each specific species! Content is being created and added weekly. Keep checking back for new sections and new breeding guides!

**IMPORTANT: Before keeping beetles, there are some general things you should know. Click HERE to get started.**

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